The Ultimate Photographers Weekend

DDI PhaseOne Lakes

Chris Ireland of DDI ( has brought together award winning photographers Joe Cornish, Steve Gosling and Shahbaz Majeed to host “The Ultimate Photographers Weekend” in the Lake District.

DDI photographers phase one cambo

This is an event not to be missed, with two days training using the ultimate in photographic tools, including Phase One’s IQ3 100 and IQ3 50 digital backs; Phase One A Series cameras; Phase One XF Camera systems, a wide range of technical cameras and lenses including the Cambo Actus and Wide RS, all under expert supervision.

phaseonekit ddi cambo actionmc

We will be shooting in two locations, the delegates will be divided into small groups to spend time learning from each of the mentors. The use of medium format cameras will be covered, how and when to use a technical camera and lens choices. You will have ample opportunity to experience, use and become familiar with multiple camera systems.

Cambo Cameras ddi actionmc

We will also spend time showing you how to process your images using the latest version Capture One Pro9. Taking your file from RAW capture to a print ready file takes some skill and knowledge but we will give you hints and tips along the way to guide you through the workflow.


For this special event we have selected the 4 Star Borrowdale Gates Hotel, Keswick, Cumbria. Situated in “the loveliest square mile in Lakeland” Alfred Wainwright MBE, with open log fires and award winning cuisine, where better to relax and admire the panoramic views with like-minded photographers and enthusiasts. This will be a great opportunity to meet everyone, socialise, relax and share ideas over some great food.

To book your “Ultimate Photographers Weekend”

We are limiting the places to 20, so to ensure maximum benefit for all attendees. This will enable all attendees to use the camera systems and lenses available over the two days.

Normal Price £950.00 SAVE £100.00 Early Booking Price £850.00 for reservations made by 31st August 2016. Prices include VAT.


You are welcome to bring your partner/spouse (for a relaxing time in the Lakes to walk and see the sites) for a special deal supplement, and this will include, the evening banquet meal and breakfast on the Saturday morning. You may wish to extend your stay before or after the event, we have therefore arranged special rates when you make the extra booking.

Contact; Chris Ireland T.0113 2370563 M.07950 368554


Mentors Links

Joe Cornish

Steve Gosling

Shahbaz Majeed

Chris Ireland

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New Ultima camera fittings

You may have already read the Cambo newsletter announcing that you can update the Ultima camera system with accessories developed from the Cambo Actus series. A few photographers have already asked me, what is the avdvantage of using an Ultima camera and how do these accessories improve the camera?

Let’s take a look at the Ultima and discover what the camera offers in the way of functionality.

You can already adapt the Ultima to the following;

  • DSLR system (Nikon/Canon)
  • Mirrorless Camera (Sony A7 Series)
  • Medium Format Digital Backs (Hasselblad/Leaf/PhaseOne)
  • 4×5 Film (Film!)
Cambo Ultima 45, 23 and 35

Cambo Ultima 45, 23 and 35

There is more control with the Ultima, which is expected as the platform is larger than the Actus series. Micro movement control is extremely important when shooting in and out of the studio. You can read more here <LINK TO ULTIMA BROCHURE> and this is why the Ultima has sold successfully for 18 years.

So why adapt these Actus accessories to the Ultima? Let’s take a look at the products Cambo have announced;

  • ACXL-970 rear frame standard
  • ACXL-965 rear camera standard
  • ACXL-960 front standard adapter



Cambo ACXL-970

This is a rear frame standard that accepts the SLW adapters to fit a digital back. The SLW adapters are available for Hasselblad H/V, Phase One Mamiya, Leaf Mamiya, Contax, Leaf Afi and Sinar HY6.

The ACXL-970 accepts the magnetic bellows that is supplied with the Cambo Actus DB/DB2. This makes assembling and packing the camera away fast and easy to do.

In the recent mailer the interesting comment for me is “if you have a Cambo sliding back, Cambo also has an exchange plate for that under construction” – This will be an ideal accessory for photographers using a digital back that does not have a live video function.



Cambo ACXL-965

The new rear camera standard is a very useful accessory as this will enable you to adapt more digital camera bodies to the Ultima. The Ultima is already compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony E series. However, you have fit an additional battery pack to the Canon or Nikon cameras and to move the camera from horizontal to vertical you have to fit an extra vertical bracket. This slows the photographer down with change over.

With the ACXL-965 you no longer need an additional battery pack as the camera is fitted to the bayonet mount. The best part for me is moving from horizontal to vertical is easy as you flick the switch and rotate the camera body. It’s faster to do and more importantly the composition of the image is aligned.

There are camera mounts for Canon DSLR and M3, Nikon DSLR, Leica M, Sony E, Micro Four-Third, Olympus OMD and Fuji X.



Cambo ACXL-960

As Cambo have added more digital camera compatibility, it is also possible to use a wider range of lenses b y adding the new ACXL-960. For example if you use the Fuji mirrorless series camera which has an APS-C sensor a wider range of lenses will cover the capture area and give more options for stitching larger images. See our previous article Cambo Actus and Fuji XT.

The ACXL-960 opens up more lens possibilities, there are mounts available now for; #0, #1, M39 Thread, Leica-R bayonet, Hasselblad V bayonet, Mamiya RB/RZ bayonet, Nikon F bayonet, Canon EOS bayonet, MamiyaPro TL bayonet and Pentax 645 bayonet.

All products are available from your local Cambo stockist, prices exclude VAT/Tax and delivery;

  • ACXL-970 rear frame standard €390
  • ACXL-965 rear camera standard €279.00
  • ACXL-960 front standard adapter €158.00

Sign up to the blog as more information will follow leading up to Photokina 2016.

Contact your dealer, or find your nearest supplier via the Cambo website; email;

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Cambo Actus Focus Whip

We recently featured the portrait photographer Alex Vreeman And many have asked about the Cambo focus whip connected to the Actus camera. This video briefly explains the parts you need and how to fit it.

The focus knob needs to be replaced with the Whip Knob. Simply move the rubber grip with a small screw driver and be careful not to damage the rubber focus grip.

Make sure you align the flat part on the spindle with the Whip focus knob, slot it into place and tighten up with an allen key.

There is a screw supplied with the new Whip focus knob, but I prefer to use the allen bolt from the original knob as it is shorter and fits flush with either focus knobs.

As you can see from the sample video the focus is very smooth as your hand is away from the camera minimising vibration. The Whip Focus is ideal for all types of work especially tabletop, macro and archive photography.

To order contact you local dealer or Cambo B.V. direct for prices

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Cambo exhibiting at Photokina 2016

Cambo Fotografische B.V. are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at Photokina the world’s leading trade fair for photography and video.


Dates for your diary

Photokina 2016 will be held in the Koelnmesse. The exhibition is from 20-25th September, doors opening at 10.00am until 06:00pm.

You can find CAMBO in Hall 4.1, Stand nr H17

New for Photokina 2016

Cambo will be presenting the updated ACTUS series cameras and show the full capabilities of this modular technical camera system. Groups will be invited for in-depth “hands-on” demonstrations throughout the day.

There will be a range of technical cameras, Wide RS, updated Studio Stands and a variety of Cambo products and accessories on show.

We look forward to meeting you!

For press enquiries and new product information please contact:                                   Cambo UK email: Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

Don’t forget to register on the Cambo UK blog and be the first to receive updates

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Cars of the World Exhibition, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Cars of the World Exhibition, Reykjavik, Iceland 

A fusion of Car and Architectural Photography on display from July 2016

We are delighted to announce international architectural photographers Jonathan & Zarina Taylor are displaying the Iceland Cars of the World series of photographic essay images. The idea behind the projects is to explore the unique automotive culture of the countries they visit by shooting cars in locations that characterise the architecture and design of their locations.

“The Iceland project is where monster 4x4s and American classic sedans compete for attention with colourful corrugated houses and modern Scandinavian architecture and landscape” says Jonathan.

“As architectural photographers, composition is everything and the use of a technical camera allows for perfect perspective on the buildings that form the settings for this unique take on automotive photography. In these days when most car photography includes a heavy dose of cgi and post-production, Cloud 9 images aim to reflect the true nature of their subjects with a light touch on the Photoshop controls that focus one’s attention on the subject and not taking it into the dreamy world of advertising photography.”

“The primary objective with this work is to exhibit in large format exhibition prints and accordingly it had been photographed using a Cambo WRS-5005 technical camera with a Phase One digital back. This ensures the very best image quality available today, bringing the images to life in a way that other photographers can only dream of.”




Cambo WRS-5000 Series

Rodenstock WTS-832 lens

Rodenstock Lens with Tilt Swing Panel

“The Cambo WRS-5005 is compact, lightweight and precise when using the rise, fall and horizontal shift. The camera has a total 40mm vertical shift and 45mm horizontal shift. The camera has a built-in counter balance mechanism so when you shift the digital back up or down the same pressure is required. The wooden handgrips are particularly nice to handle, especially in cold conditions and the Arca mount on the base of the camera can be used with the Cambo CBH-6 ball head and my existing tripod heads.”


“All of the lenses I own have the Cambo WTS panel fitted; Rodenstock 32HR-W, 40HR-W and 70HR-W. The WTS Swings the lens 5 degrees left and right and Tilts 5 degrees up and down. Cambo can also fit the WTS to lenses you may already own. I had a Schneider 120mm that had the WTS factory fitted. I changed this to the 70HR-W as the 120 was too long for my work. It’s such a useful lens feature to tilt the focus for landscape detail, focus across the plane or use selective focus – it’s easy to use and conveniently built-in.”

The Exhibition takes place from 20 July to 20 August on Skólavörðustígur in central Reykjavik near the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. A hardback book will be available to celebrate the exhibition, contact Cloud 9 for further details.

Cloud 9 Architectural Photography: Specialist architectural photography company, providing the highest quality images to architects, interior designers and constructors. Over twenty five years experience providing images to property, construction, retail and shop fitting sector.

Cars of the World Projects click below to follow us;

  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter

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Cambo Actus at Calumet Manchester 25th May 2016

The Cambo Actus and the new Actar 24mm lens will be demonstrated at Calumet Manchester on 25th May 2016, 10am to 4pm, we look forward to seeing you.

The Actus is the most flexible camera system available today. With the possibility of using medium format lenses from Pentax, Hasselblad and Mamiya. Lens plates are also available for Canon Auto Aperture lenses, Nikon, Leica and a wide range of digital lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock.



Register to this blog for future events or email us for further information and prices  Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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Cambo are an event sponsor of the   STAND OUT PHOTOGRAPHIC FORUM



Get inspired, informed and motivated!

STAND OUT is an industry event aimed at those that want to differentiate themselves and their business from the crowd. STAND OUT will provide the opportunity to explore ideas and learn from other professionals in the photo industry. This event is ideal for professional photographers, serial enthusiasts or aspiring students or any imaging professional that would like to excel in their work and business.

At STAND OUT you can learn about the latest cutting-edge products and techniques being used by the leading professionals and enthusiasts in a hands-on and seminar based forum.

The STAND OUT event will also bring leading photographic brands under one roof to demonstrate their products to you in an intimate and meaningful manner. Put a face to the brand, meet some of the most knowledgeable resources in the industry.

Get inspired by the best in the industry

Listen to the best photographers and business minds, stand out influencers discussing topics from their successes, tips and tricks as well as areas of expertise.

Get your hands on the best equipment 

View and test the latest and greatest in the photographic industry. Bring your CF card and take home great high quality images you can explore and play with after the event.

Cambo Technical Cameras

Cambo Technical Cameras

Live demonstrations

See some of the best and most influential photographers demonstrate the equipment they use, in a live studio shoot. Demonstrations will take place at each event. Learn from the best.

When and Where?


May 8th 2016 Venue: Photography Live Exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre

Dubai Stand Out Photographic Forum Event will be a part of the Photography Live Dubai Event, with the same Stand Out benefits you will be joined by the talented Andrea Belluso, Adrian Weinbrecht, Jonathan Taylor, Tim Campbell and Niels V. Knudsen. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with event sponsors, view photographer demonstrations and receive a camera service and clean.  A variety of prizes will be up for grabs from our sponsors throughout the day!



Bundle Prices and All Day passes available

Register Event


StandOut Dubai Sponsors

For information about other Cambo products please contact             Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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